SM Artist Takes Third Place in State Contest

SM Artist Takes Third Place in State Contest
It’s a sweet, stolen moment frozen in an image – a mother or father fox bends down to nuzzle her pup in the woods. The orange foxes stand out against the green and blue background. It’s a complete thought. 

The image, created by South Milwaukee alumnae Yushan Zeng, class of 2022, before she graduated in the spring won third place in a design contest for the Annual Wisconsin State Park Forest vehicle admission sticker.

“The sticker was a project that the whole class had to make, but it was optional whether you submit the sticker or not. It was my last year at SMHS so I thought it would be a good idea to leave some memories behind,” Zeng said. 

Zeng is a freshman biology student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who pursues art in her free time. She made her sticker design in Adobe Illustrator, but mostly uses a program called Procreate on her tablet computer. 

She said the idea for the sticker was born from her love for foxes and the importance she puts on family. 

“Though foxes are portrayed as sly and mischievous in stories, I like them for their cleverness,” Zeng said. “This sticker was made the year students started coming back to class from the pandemic. It was a struggle for students, but even more for those who have lost someone they loved during that time. I wanted to establish the importance of family with my design and how we should treasure every moment we have with them.”