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Group Exercise Fall 2023


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Bar-less Barre - $40R/$50NR
Bar-less Barre was developed for clubs and studios that do not have bars. It has a true foundation of Pilates fused with Yoga, Aerobics, and strength training performed to the beat of the music. Every muscle of the body, especially the core, will be strengthened to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture. Barre is for all bodies, any fitness level, and is a low or no-impact workout.

NEW! Barre Express - $30R/$40NR
Barre Express is a 30-minute version of a regular, Barre District barre class. It focuses on the largest muscle groups to maximize caloric burn in a short amount of time. By working the biggest muscles in the body, you break a sweat quicker and get the heart rate up allowing the body to get as much out of an express class as it would a regular, 45-minute class. Class is held at the Collective Barre MKE location (1633 Rawson Ave.).

NEW! Barre Fight Express - $30R/$40NR
Barre Fight is a barre and cardio conditioning-inspired Tabata workout. Starting with an intense heat up then moving to full-body Tabata sets and ending with a full-body stretch. 30-minute class held at the Collective Barre MKE location (1633 Rawson Ave.).

Chiseled $40R/$50NR

This class is the ultimate sculpting experience designed to challenge both your muscular strength and muscular endurance.  Every muscle group is targeted, leaving you with a totally defined and toned body!

Gentle Yoga - $40R/$50NR
Gentle Yoga is a slow and gentle 50-minute yoga practice that includes a warm-up and stretch, standing balance poses, and traditional yoga postures; perfect for every body and suitable for beginners and all levels. Take this time for yourself to move and stretch your entire body. After this yoga class, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

NEW! Jazzercise - $30R/$40NR
Get ready for a dance-based full-body workout set to "Top 40" music that might just change your life! Jazzercise blends dance with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and strength training that results in long, lean muscles and an undeniable mood boost in one 55-minute session. Classes are held at the Jazzercise Fitness Center in Oak Creek.

Open Pickleball (Fall/Winter/Spring) - $30R/$40NR
Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in popularity among seniors, but is fun and appropriate for almost all ages. It is a sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two, three, or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a whiffle ball, over a net.

Pilates - $40R/$50NR
Pilate's is an innovative way to improve flexibility, balance, coordination.  Improve your posture and realign your spine while strengthening your core musculature.   Please bring your own mat.

Rock 'n' Roll Water Aerobics - $48R/$58NR
Come splash and move in a fun environment that takes the weight off your joints.  We've added additional water weights to offer another level of variety to this popular class.  Great for all ages!  Enter the Middle School through door #34.

Vinyasa Yoga - $40R/$50NR
This unique style of yoga is characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Vinyasa Yoga class is a style that includes, but is not limited to, Ashtanga, Flow, and Power Yoga.

Yoga / Qigong (Returning Fall 2023) - $50R/$60NR

This class will include seated and standing simple Yoga stretching, combined with the gentle flowing movements of Qigong. Great for balance, strength, coordination and breathing!

Yoga / Qigong with Beginner Tai Chi Movement (Returning Fall 2023) - $50R/$60NR
This class will include seated and standing simple Yoga stretching, combined with gentle flowing movements of Qigong and Beginner Tai Chi movements. Great for balance, strength, coordination and breathing!

Zumba® - $40R/$50NR  

Zumba is a fusion of mostly Latin and other International music. The class combines fast and slow rhythms, allowing participants to achieve a unique blend of cardio and muscle-toning benefits.  Ditch the Workout; join the party!

NOTE: Fitness Center members qualify for resident rates in any class offered.  This type of registration needs to occur in person with the recreation department.

For more information on any of our classes please call us at 414-766-5081.