Safety Mitigation

Mitigation Chart

Safety Mitigation Plan - What to Do

Condition: I'm sick with COVID-type symptoms

Action to take:
Stay home when you are sick, it is preferred that you wear a mask when ill, test for COVID at your discretion.

Condition: I've had close contact with someone who has COVID

Action to take:
Monitor for symptoms; recommended that you test if you get symptoms or on day 5 otherwise; you may attend school as normal. 

Condition: I live with someone who has COVID:

Actions to take:
Students are required to wear a mask at school for 10 days (day zero starts from the person's first day of symptoms, 10-day time frame starts over if a secondary person also tests positive)

Monitor for symptoms; recommend you test on day 5; 

You may attend school as normal. 

Condition: I tested positive for COVID:

Actions to take:
Student is required to isolate away from school for 5 days from the date any symptoms started or tested positive; whichever is earlier (day zero is the date of first symptoms or date tested positive, may return on day 6 if symptoms have improved)

Required to wear a mask for days 6-10 while at school.